Creativity has always been a part of my life, I ended up completing my degree as a Psychologist in Medellin, Colombia! However life, in its own unpredictable way, brought me to Costa Rica, where I met my husband.

Moving to a foreing country called for new begginings. I enrolled in Crisol, a jewelry school in San Jose, Costa Rica, where I met my amazing teacher Jordi Costa and his team of incredibly talented jewelry artists. There, I learned how to work with gold and silver, creating beautiful pieces of jewelry with my own hands.

After working a bit at my small work bench at home, we decided to move to the coast in Costa Rica where I no longer had my work bench or access to the workshop or support from Crisol's team. At this point, I was already a mom of two and life was crazy, but I still needed something to feel complete! I wanted to continue making jewelry so I started to work with beads and gold plated materials.

This is how it all began! The universe has a reason and a way to make things happen and now I design and create delicate jewelry inspired by nature and the beloved ocean! Semiprecious gemstones, delicate pieces, colorful beads and nice materials are my signature

From me to YOU, pieces with the best vibes and full of love. Check out the Shop to see the pieces I have for sale!

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