My Story

Have you ever been asked what do you really want to do for a living?

It was 13 years ago. I recently moved to Costa Rica and my husband was starting a new project and I just quit my job.

Once I decided to learn metalsmithing and jewelry making. I took lessons from an amazing and talented Spanish teacher who taught me so many things.

I started my small jewelry shop making silver pieces from home, but things became challenging when I got pregnant with my first baby. Life was busy and after my second child we decided to move to the beach in Costa Rica, those were the best years of my life.

Life was amazing by the sea! The problem was though that it became really hard for me to make jewelry while taking care of my two children. My jewelry school was too far away for me to go and finish my pieces, so I moved on and started to work with beads!

Bead work is a very important art among the Colombian indigenous. Bright colors, beautiful patterns and techniques have been passed from generations to generations.

After working with beads for a while I decided to explore other techniques and ended up learning wire wrapping, how to work with polymer clay, and resin. All these different approaches are what defines my jewelry work that has always been faithful to 3 main principles : Comfortable pieces, delicate designs, and always to be made by my own hands.

Every piece of jewelry is handmade by me and it reflects all the influence that my traveling, culture, learning skills and love that have been put into every piece I have made till this day.

I hope you enjoy browsing all these different pieces and find some things that resonate with you.

Thank you for stopping by,